What we do?

  • Corporate Identity

    If the design of your corporate identity is good, the clients will be remember it and identified your company easily. Much of the informations from the outside world are processed in our eyes, thus the visual appearance is one of the most important things for a company.

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  • Product design

    If you make products, you need anyway product design. This is no question. First of all… The packaging should be sell the product. Secondly… The packaging must be such as to create demand. 

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  • Website design

    Today the online presence of a company – I have to say – is required. If your website is well designed, you have more opportunities to communicate with the clients. You can sell your products in your own web store,  you can acquire new customers, etc.

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Told About Me

I can only recommend Ashen as I have been working with him since 2004. My biggest problem was with others that I had to sit next to them and explain what do and in the end they were slow and still got it wrong. Ashen is fast and precisely feels what you need. His designs are aesthetic and therefore increase sales. He was the first guy who gave me such a feeling – many of my clients asked for his number – that he needs to be shoot, so he would not make any nice stuff for others. But still I will need him in the future. Keep going, Ashen!

Author's imageTamas KaszaLeader Trainer of the medium-sized enterprises on Hungary


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Skills & Strengths

  • Adobe Illustrator


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    Cinema 4D


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